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Your Trusted Beach Wedding Planners in Chennai | Specializing in NRI Weddings on ECR

OM Events takes pride in being the best Wedding Event Management Company in Chennai, with over 7 years of extensive experience orchestrating weddings throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

As reputable beach wedding planners, we’ve noticed a rising preference for the serenity of beach weddings. The gentle lull of waves, the soft embrace of sand, and the panoramic ocean view create an enchanting backdrop.

Organizing a beach wedding demands meticulous planning and attention to detail. Not only are beach weddings cost-effective, but they also offer a delightful experience. Importantly, beach-style weddings extend beyond the traditional blue colour scheme.

Why Choose a Beach Wedding?


Affordability for Everyone

Beach weddings are notably more budget-friendly, with significantly lower overall costs than conventional weddings.


Enriching Backdrop

Picture a seaside wedding at sunset, offering captivating settings for your wedding mandap.


Beautiful Wedding Pictures

The constantly shifting colours of the day create dreamy and picturesque wedding albums.

Your Ultimate Choice for Wedding Decorations with Flowers in Chennai!

Have you settled on your wedding stage decoration with flowers? Look no further! OM Events, the most creative and opulent flower decoration service for marriages in Chennai, is at your service. Contact us for all your wedding decoration needs, and let us bring your vision to life.

As the best Wedding Event Management Company in Chennai, we specialize in Church Weddings, Hindu Weddings, and Destination Weddings. Our expertise includes Engagement Stage Decoration, making us one of the top Wedding Decorators in Chennai.

Best Wedding Organizer of Chennai

With over 7 years of expertise in wedding planning across Chennai and Tamil Nadu, OM Events stands as the preferred Wedding Event Management company. Ensure a seamless and memorable wedding experience with us.

Choose OM Events for comprehensive wedding planning services, covering everything from wedding budgets, venue decoration, wedding photo and videography, catering services, Mehndi and bridal makeup, to return gifts and entertainments.

OM Events, a leading Marriage Event Management and Wedding Stage Decorator in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, guarantees that your wedding day will be the most exciting and unforgettable experience of your life. Our exceptional planning staff focuses on making your event both celebratory and momentous, measuring our success by the joy reflected in your smile. Trust OM Events to turn your wedding dreams into reality!”

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